Vegan Aubergine Dip 0

follow url Aubergine dipI love aubergine, it is such a delicious vegetable and it can be used to make so many different meals. Babagnoush, the Middle Eastern aubergine dip is a really scrummy dish. I find the traditional method of cooking the aubergine on an open flame delicious, but messy and difficult to do. I prefer to just put the aubergine in the oven, it takes a little longer but it is not remotely labour intensive. When I have this dish it makes me feel like being in a warm summer evening, so it is a perfect side dish for a meal when you need that little something extra to make your evening special and relaxing. Eggplant Serving ideas
* As a dip for nibbles with Chia Seed Bread, Falafel’s or as a side to many dishes. You can even heat it up.

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