Vancouver’s Vegan Gluten-Free Foodie Guide


Gas Town


We started our food journey in Nuba in gas town. It is a yummy Lebanese restaurant that has a great vegan, gluten-free menu. I had the Najiab Special, an amazing roasted cauliflower, hummus, rice and salad. It was a delightful lunch, deliciously spiced and all intolerant friendly.

Vegan Pudding Co

After lunch we stopped by Vegan Pudding Co for a delicious vegan soya-free treat. They have this little window where they sell their puddings from, so no seating area, but the perfect little pot to walk around town with.Vancouver

Coffee bar, Gastown 10 Water St

If you need a little cafe break then Coffee bar is a great pit stop. They have a vegan matcha latte and some vegan and gluten-free treats.

East Van Roaster

This is a fantastic spot in gas town; they have hot chocolates that can be made with vegan milks. I loved the feel of this cafe, they make all their own chocolate on site and they have a lovely inside seating area

The Belgard Kitchen 

We went to here for Brunch. Such a nice setting, a converted warehouse, with lots of light and high celling. It is part of a beer brewery so it has subtle smell of hops filling the air and all the big metal drums to look at.

We sat in these comfy chairs and I had a delicious brunch called the Health Nut Breakfast Bowl; quinoa, avocado, arugula, nuts, eggs, and I skipped the cheese and dressing to make it vegan.Vancouver

Mount Pleasant

Earnest ice cream

This place is buzzing no matter what time you go, it feels more like a bar. It has been decked out really well, feeling very casual but also quite special. There are seats inside and some benches outside and the best thing is they have vegan ice cream, but they do have soy lecithin in so be aware if you are sensitive to lecithin. I had a delicious scoop of vegan chocolate ice cream after dinner one night it was such a perfect end to the day.


Gluten Free Epicurean

When I find a gluten-free and vegan bakery I go a little nuts. I just love looking at the different options and tasting them and anayslisng them. This bakery is something special, you really cant tell that they are vegan and gluten-free. The best best things were the vegan cookies and the cinnamon and or raspberry swirl bun. Wow they were special, none of the usual crumbliness or gumminess you can get from vegan gluten-free. They have a nice seating area, very afternoon tea style with cute plates and cups, they also serve breakfast items; juices, hot chocolate and lunch so this place is a must try.Vancouver

Radical Juice

If you feel like a fresh pressed juice, smoothie, acai bowl then look no further than radical juice. It is along this bustling street with lots of other nice cafes. I had a big green juice and sat watching the world go by it was very peaceful (except the occasional blender sound)


This is a really cute, intimate restaurant, very romantic for dinner. They are a vegetarian restaurant, which is very gluten-free and vegan friendly. It has a very creative menu and it always changes. I had a gluten-free pasta dish, I don’t normally go for pasta but I hadn’t had gluten-free pasta in ages and I loved the sound of the sauce with artichoke and fennel and tomatoes and it didn’t let me down it was really perfectly flavored. Such a lovely evening in this gorgeous healthy restaurant couldn’t be nicer.


East is East 

Best meal of the year hands down. This place was insane, and we went back twice and I can vouch it wasn’t just a fluke, they do make amazing meals. The best dish was the Eastern Roti Roll with the gyspy filling, so you get a roti roll (and they have GF ones, which was yummy) and then green salad, dhal soup, brown lentil rice and this amazing sweet potato aubergine filling that just made me so happy. East is East transported me to food heaven, thank you. In the evenings they have live music all Asian inspired and it’s a very authentic décor inside, they even welcome you with free samples of their chai.


Fish Counter 

So I am a pescetarian I do eat fish and if you like me miss having fish and chips then the fish counter has you covered. They do gluten free fish and chips and they were the best flipping fish and chips ever. The batter was crisp and light and just scrumptious and you can have salmon or white fish so of course I tried both, I had never had battered salmon, I can report both were awesome and this place is amazing. They have a very small eating/standing some seats area but its really nice. If you are vegan they do also have a vegan soup and a great salad bar. Best spot in town for lunch.Vancouver

Cartems Donuterie

So they don’t advertise the fact but they serve vegan and gluten-free donuts. I had read about this place for my husband and he was ordering and we saw a small chalkboard on the side saying V GF and they had a whole selection but not on display. I cant report on how they were as I had already filled up with a box of goodies from Epicurean bakery, but they looked the part.



So smak is not gonna set your food world on fire but it is a good fast food option with an intolerant friendly menu and it is one of the only places open early at the weekend. We went for breakfast and I had the gluten-free vegan oatmeal, which fixed me up ahead of a day of hiking.Vancouver


West Vanouver

Head across the bridge to sites like the Capilano Suspension bridge and you find a little pocket of other yummy places to try.

The Anchor Eatery

Great breakfast spot with a huge range of healthy options from acai bowls to smoothies, juices, wraps and salads.

Two daughters Bake Shop

Hidden down a little side street is the cute little bakery, serving vegan and gluten free. I have to admit I was not wowed by the place, epicurean bakery was far superior.Vancouver

Other places:

 serving up eggs in a great local breakie spot, some gluten fee options not all certified GFVancouver

Palette Coffee  great space for a almond milk matcha

Platform 7 serving u some yummy gluten free and vegan baked goods.

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant  we didn’t get time to check this place out but they are also vegan gluten free friendly.

Glory Juice  such a good spot for a acai bowl, juice, smoothie and vegan gluten free snacks. They have a few locations.Vancouver

Tractor Food  have a couple of locations, good for breakie and lunch. They have a food bar with plates of food and you can order a number of items. I love this easy way of healthy eating.

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