Traveling and exploring places is what I love – even as much as I love food and creating recipes. The first thing I do when I book a trip is to a buy a map and start researching restaurants. My husband and I love spending our days going from meal to meal. Where we are going to eat that day is the foundation of our day, and from that we plan the rest of the day. I feel you can learn a lot about a place from the food and spending time eating where locals eat, even if it isn’t local food.

I get so excited finding new flavors and ways of eating and cooking food. My recipes have all been inspired in some way from a meal or market while travelling.

When I became ill, travelling was so daunting, because finding a place I could eat 3 times every day was stressful. Like with everything, I had to change the way I travelled.

Here are my travel food recommendations: Click on the places below 


NYC        Seattle       LA       Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville Road Trip     Portland

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Vietnam               Cambodia               Thailand               Beijing              Tokyo                Philippines               New Zealand

Angkor Wat

 Now for some of my top tips for travelling with intolerances:
1. I know it sounds obvious but it is so important to research in advance to find places that people have recommended. There are such amazing restaurants and healthy eating is becoming bigger globally. You will find amazing places, so do some digging to make sure you don’t miss out. I would even go as far to say that one great restaurant or experience can change your whole perception of a place. These websites are a good starting point, as well as my blog of course.

2. Bring some basic survival foods in your suitcase. I always take a bag of gluten-free oats, some ready-to-eat quinoa or lentil packs and some nuts. I often come back with them unopened in my suitcase but it is a comfort to know I have supplies if needed. There is nothing worse than being hungry, especially for my husband as I am grumpy when hungry.

3. Find the local markets and supermarkets. You can always find fruit, nuts, maybe even avocados. A local market is the heart of the community and the best place to see and experience local produce.

Ho Chi Minh VietnamChaple St Market LondonBangkok, Thailand