Sweet recipes

All my recipes are free from Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Corn, Cashews, Almonds, and are Low FODMAP and Low Alkali. Look for the code next to each recipe to find out if it is also Vegan (V), Nut Free (NF), Raw (R), Paleo (P). For sweetness all my recipes use either coconut sugar or brown rice syrup, the recipes with (SF) are refined sugar free using brown rice syrup.

Cakes +

Sticky Toffee Pudding V, SF, NF,
Chocolate Vegan Fudge Cake V, NF, SF
Paleo Chocolate Nemesis Cake NF,SF,P
Paleo Sponge Cake NF, SF, P
Blueberry Muffin SF, (can be NF)
Paleo Chocolate Cake SF, NF, P


Cacao Buckwheat Mousse V, NF, SF
Buckwheat Tahini Puffs V, SF, NF
Chocolate Crunch  V, SF, NF
Chocolate Crunchy Log  V, SF, NF
Pain Au Chocolate V, SF, NF
Paleo Melt in the middle Chocolate Pudding  P, NF
Chocolate Brownie NF, SF
Chocolate Taro Pudding V, NF,SF, P
Chocolate Vegan Fudge Cake V, NF, SF
Hot Chocolate V, NF, SF, P
Paleo Chocolate Nemesis Cake NF,SF,P
Chocolate Cheesecake V, NF, P, SF
Chocolate Brownie V, NF, P, SF
Paleo Chocolate Cake SF, NF, P


Buckwheat Mousse Cookies V, SF, NF
Shortbread V, SF, NF
Paleo No Bake Cookies V, SF, NF, P
Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie V, NF
Cut out Cookies V, NF
Chocolate chip cookie V, NF, SF

Treats, Tart and tray bakes

‘Chiaolate’ blondies V, NF (Option to make SF)
Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble V, NF
Coconut Dream Bars  V, NF, SF, P
Flapjack V, SF (Can be NF)
Dairy-Free Macaroons NF, SF,P
Vegan Macaroons V, NF, SF, P
Paleo Chocolate Caramel Pie V, NF, SF, P
Mince Pies V, NF, SF
Protein Snack Bar V, NF, SF
Chocolate Oatly Slice  V, NF, SF

Fillings, frostings and jam

O My Lemon Poppy Seed Sauce V, SF, NF P
Kiwi Papaya Chia Jam V, NF, P
Rhubarb Compote V, NF, P
Chocolate Sauce V, SF, NF, P
Dairy-free Lemon Curd SF, NF, P

Raw Treats

Oat Balls V, SF, NF
Carrot Cake V, SF, P (option to make NF)
Vegan Bounty Bar V, SF, P, NF
Raw Chocolate Fudgey Brownie V, SF, P, NF
Cacao Nib Energy Bar V, NF, SF, P
Raw Truffles V, NF, P, SF


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