San Diego to LA road trip allergy friendly food guide

San Diego Road Trip

Flying to San Diego and hiring a car to drive back home to San Francisco gave us the chance to really explore this part of the coast and some inland spots. Here are my favorite food spots along the way.

San Diego Road Trip

San Diego


A Japanese ramen place that has gluten free rice bowls and many vegetarian options which can also be made vegan. We sat outside and soaked up this great space and food.

San Diego Road Trip

Cardamon cafe and bakery 

A cute cafe just opposite Underbelly that has lots of choice on the menu and I was even able to find a gluten free vegan breakfast a chia pot.

San Diego Road Trip

So Cal 

This place was round the corner from our hotel and I was thrilled by this because I ended up here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at various point of the weekend. They have a fab menu totally vegan, gluten-free friendly and the food was scrummy. The chocolate caramel coconut shortbread cake was the most naughtiest delicious treat I have had in a while. Everything we had was super delicious just perfect for my tummy.

James Coffee

This was a super cute coffee shop we stopped in at. A converted garage space which is a co-shared space with other cute little stores. I really like the Mutari hot chocolate they sell there its vegan and gluten free.

Other places we didn’t get time to try:

Café Gratitude fab place whose menu totallt caters to vegan gluten free.
Peach Pies – raw vegan, organic gluten free, – gutted not to have time to go to

La Jolla

Georges at Cove

We stopped here for lunch, they have a great roof top with views over the water. Not a specifically vegan or gluten free menu but they were very accommodating and I had one of the scrummy salad with some salmon. You cant beat sitting overlooking the ocean with a delicious clean tasting meal.

San Diego Road Trip

Trilogy Santuary 

This cafe is connected to a yoga studio so you wouldn’t find it by chance. This was one of my all time favourite vegan, gluten-free places I have ever been to.

Firstly what a great setting, a roof top cafe so great views and nice alfresco vibe with some seats inside. There is this amazing yoga hanging teepee with people doing amazing yoga poses so great people watching.

Then the best part the food is actually amazing. The menu is incredible, creative, vegetarian food at its best. We had a coconut wrap which was out of this world and a spaghetti squash mediterranean dish which again was just scrummy and then a brownie. A perfect evening spent enjoying amazing food and a lovely atmosphere. I wish this was my local restaurant and yoga studio.

San Diego Road Trip

There are also lots of lovely juice cafes in La Jolla – Juice Crafters and Necktar.

San Diego Road Trip


Banzai Bowl 

This road trip became the trip of the Acai Bowl, we practically had an acai bowl for breakfast everyday. On a sunny day on the beach there is not much better. In my opinion of all the places we tried Banzai bowl was the best tasting and best value.

San Diego Road Trip

Active culture cafe 

Good lunch spot offering a range of gluten free and vegan salads.

The Big Fish Tavern 

If you need an inside spot and are with people who don’t want gluten-free, vegan etc, then this place has a wide menu which will cater to most people. They also have tv’s to watch sport.


Delicious ice cream parlor, offering a wide selection including some vegan ice cream with almond milk and some sorbets. I had the vegan chocolate ice cream and the berry sorbet, they were totally scrumptious and the perfect thing to walk along the beach with.

San Diego Road Trip


Samovar acai bowl

Continuing the acai bowl obsession of this holiday, sambazon have their own shop front in Newport and they whip up a great acai bowl. They do charge more for gluten free granola though.

Porro vita

Stop by Porro Vita after 5:30pm when their juice/smoothie happy hour is on, you get a size up from what you buy. Perfect refresher after a day on the beach.

Costa Mesa/Fountain Valley

The Green Leaf Chop shop 

Awesome place, and they have a few locations around this area and in LA. I love a place that has vegan and gluten free symbols on the menu. You can build your own salads, sandwiches etc so you can design exactly what you feel like.

Mothers Market

This is not just a supermarket, this is an amazing health food supermarket with a great deli and cafe. The deli serve fresh juices, salads, wraps etc. Their cafe has a great vegan and gluten-free menu. I had the pancakes, which were amazing, I am in love with places that serve vegan, gluten-free pancakes. They also have some non-vegan, gluten free items for those without intolerances.

San Diego Road trip

Portola Coffee Lab

In this shopping mall there are some great spots and food places. Portola coffee is a great cafe with yummy almond chai tea latte, and great vegan treats and chocolate.

The Lab 

The Lab has this pop up feel, in side there are some store, cafes and restaurants. It is a nice area to be in and this restaurant, Seabirds looked really yummy, we didn’t get a chance to try it but it had a vegan menu and the space looked a nice place to be.

Au Lac

Without a doubt one of my favorite restaurants I have been too. It doesn’t look like much and it is in an odd location and surrounded by not very appealing looking places, but do not be put off. However, it doesn’t get that much better when you step inside, it is a bit dated and plastic but it is brimming with friendliness and delicious flavour, again don’t be put off and sit down it will all be worth it.

They have the most exciting Vietnamese plant based vegan, gluten-free menu, with so much to choose from and a living raw menu. I can not recommend this place enough I loved it. I had the cali sushi and the green pyramid and the choconut xstacy which were all sublime.

San Diego Road Trip


Acai King

After some paddle boarding in the back waters we stopped at Acai King for a cooling delicious acai. They have their own car park and shade to enjoy our acai drinks. 

Palm Springs

Natural health food cafe

This cafe will sort you out with your snack needs, the perfect place to call into before heading to Joshua Tree National park. They even sell individual coconut milk ice creams which is the anecdote for the very warm weather in palm springs.

Workshop kitchen and bar

This is one of the fancier places in palm springs, a very modern cool interior. Not an allergy friendly menu but you can make adaptions to find something suitable even if it is just a yummy salad.

San Diego Road Trip

Palm Greens cafe

The place to eat if you need vegan, gluten-free. They have a great menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had the macrobiotic bowl without the sauce so it was also soya free and it was a scrummy dinner.

Ernest coffee 

Fab coffee shop, really nice space and a great selection of cafe items. 

Los Angeles 

I have done a post on LA before so some of my favourote places I have already reviewed so these are some new places that we tried.


A great lunch spot, they have salad and warm food bars and with very clear labels so you know what has gluten, dairy in etc. They have a couple of locations around the city.


The perfect little spot in silver lake, they serve lots of different items from cookies, to acai bowls to juices, smoothies and even some savoury lunch items in their fridge. They have a couple of seats outside where you can sit and watch the world go by.

San Diego Road Trip

Flore Vegan

We didn’t actually eat here but I looked in and it looked great, its next door to Naturewell and they are a vegan restaurant.

Farmers market SilverLake 

If you are in Silverlake on a Saturday be sure to check out the farmers market, there are only a few stalls but they seem to have everything and such beautiful presentation.

San Diego Road Trip

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