Nourish Cafe – Plant-based cafe in San Francisco


‘Eat clean and Eat whole’, is the philosophy at Nourish Cafe. I wish more places would adopt this concept. Not only is it a healthier way to live, but with food like at Nourish, it is far more delicious.

Nourish’s vegan plant-based organic menu isn’t specially gluten free (even though the majority of the items are gluten free). All their ingredients are locally sourced food and natural.

Nourish Cafe opened earlier this year and it has already become a key ingredient in the neighborhood. They were inspired to open due to the lack of local healthy food options. Their love for the local community certainly comes across when you talk to Sarah Bacon (one of the founders) who also has a local neighborhood blog. The three founders wanted Nourish to be a hub of the community, and they certainly have achieved that neighborhood cafe feel, which is drawing people like me across town to enjoy their delicious food.

When you walk into Nourish you can see the fabulous fresh produce and the food being made in the open kitchen. There are a few tables inside and outside and they have created a very light, bright and fresh feeling space.

So what is so special about Nourish Cafe?  The menu is intolerant friendly and healthy, created by one of the founders, Brighton, who is a trained Natural Chef.  For me, one of the biggest draws of Nourish Cafe is that it is a place where I can have an entire meal. There are so many great juice and smoothie bars opening and some cafes that serve some gluten-free vegan baked goods, but not many places offering it all. At Nourish you can have breakfast, lunch and now bringing some hot meals to the menu for dinner. You can have juices, smoothies, baked goods and raw treats; they really have ticked every box, from a snack to a whole meal.

I spent some time talking with one of the founders, Sarah; here are a few snippets:

What is your favourite item on the menu – All the smoothies, and the green acai bowl. Not many places serve green acai bowls and they are a great way to bring vegetables into your meal.

What is Nourish Café’s favourite ingredient – Hemp seeds, we use them in so many of our dishes.

What are the most popular dishes? The nourish bowl, the chocolate chip cookies and the avocado toast.

What’s the biggest complement you’ve received – My husband just ate and loved this meal and he had no idea it was all vegetarian.

What is the biggest challenge you face creating the food at Nourish? Practically everything is made in house (except the bread from The Mill and wraps from Wrawp). It is very labour intensive creating fresh delicious food every day, as there is a lot of preparation and time involved.

What do you hope for the future of Nourish? No specific plans yet, maybe in the future another location, working at events and festivals, we are taking as it comes.

What do you think the biggest challenge to healthy eating is? Cost, we try to keep the costs down, but buying organic and fresh produce is still economically not in an affordable bracket yet. The health perspective on food is like trying to move a big old ship in a new direction, the process has started but it will be a slow one.

Is there a particular person or restaurant that inspired you when creating Nourish? Angelina’s deli and café had the neighborhood vibe we were inspired by.

What other places do you like to eat in the city? Blue Barn is great for salads and there is this great vegetarian sushi place in the Mission.

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