My pantry

My pantry is free from Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Corn, Cashews, Almonds, and all the items are Low FODMAP and Low Alkali (unless stated). You can also read more about my food philosophy. The nutritional information is coming back soon.


Fruits are all low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Fruits are a good source of dietary fibre but they are high in fruit sugars. The fruits I have selected in my pantry are low FODMAP fruit and low alkali or neutral Ph fruits.


Vegetables are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium and are a great source of nutrients.

Grains and pulses

Grains and pulses are the food group to be most careful with, as although these are gluten free. They are not all alkali and some are medium FODMAP.

Nuts and Seeds

In general, nuts can cause problems for your gut, so it is recommended to have only a small portion (a handful) per day. I can not tolerate almonds (which makes most gluten-free recipes a pain to make as they use almonds) or cashews so my recipes will not use these nuts.

Nuts and seeds vary in their alkali levels. Chestnuts, Brazil nuts, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, and Chia seeds have the best alkaline levels.

Baking ingredients

Here are my baking essentials