Main Meals

All my recipes are free from Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Corn, Cashews, Almonds, and are Low FODMAP and Low Alkali. Look for the code next to each recipe to find out if it is also Vegan (V), Nut Free (NF), Raw (R), Paleo (P). For sweetness all my recipes use either coconut sugar or brown rice syrup, the recipes with (SF) are refined sugar free using brown rice syrup.

Breads and Crackers

Chia Seed Bread V, SF, NF
Zaatar Spiced Flat bread V, SF, NF
Protein Bread V, NF, SF
Coconut Bread NF, SF

Dips, spreads and pastes

Aubergine Dip V, SF, NF, P
Chili ‘Tomtastic’ Paste V, NF, P
Fennel Pesto V, SF, P (can be NF)
White Sauce V, SF, NF
Carrot Hummus V, NF, SF, P
Quick Hummus V, SF, NF, P

The main event

Collard Enchiladas V, NF
Brown Rice Pumpkin Risotto V, SF, NF
Buckwheat solo Mezze V, SF, NF 
Pumpkin Gnocchi V, SF, NF
Aubergine No Parmigiana V, SF, NF, P
Spirulina Buckwheat Crepes V and DF option, SF, NF
Savoury Waffles V, NF, SF
Carrot Soup V, NF, SF, P
Pumpkin Curry V, NF, P
Dal V, SF, NF
Middle Eastern Bowl V, SF, NF (Option to make P)
Battered Aubergine, with Carrot, Coconut and Mint  V, NF, SF, P
Roasted Aubergine and Courgette with Kale Salad V, NF, SF, P
Pumpkin Soup V, NF, SF, P
Lentil Stuffing Cupcakes V, NF, SF, P
Soothing Chickpea Masala V, NF, SF, P
Fennel, Orange, Radish Salad V, NF, SF, P
Mineral Broth V, NF, SF, P
Jicama Salad V, NF, SF, P
Roasted Fennel and Carrots with Lentils V, NF, SF, P
Teff Injera V, NF, SF
Curried Sweet Potato V, NF, SF, P
Lemon Coconut Aubergine V, NF, SF, P
Loaded Sweet Potatoes V, NF, SF, P
Mexican Bowl V, NF, SF
Grain Egg Bowl NF, SF
Aubergine Sweet Potato Mint Rolls V, NF, SF, P
Quick healthy lunch plans V, SF (Optional NF, P)
Simple Chickpea Curry V, NF, SF, P
Simple Tomato Lentil Soup V, NF, SF
Chickpea Pancake NF, SF, can be V


Avodish NF, SF, V, P
Fennelicious V, NF, SF, P
Spinach Falafel V, NF, SF, P
Dukkah V, SF, P
Turmeric Lemon Rice V, SF, NF
Sauerkraut V, SF, NF, P


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