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http://secfloripa.org.br/esminer/2348 Pumpkin

enter PumpkinHalloween is one of my favourite holidays, I have such fond memories of Halloween as a child, trick or treating and apple bobbin and dressing up. This year living in America we are seeing a new level of Halloween love, it is a huge event here and so I thought my first themed food post would have to be for Halloween. So here are some of my fun themed Halloween recipes.


follow site dating sites in south africa eastern cape Gruely green acai bowls: Follow my Green Acai bowl recipe, I couldn’t find one but it would be cool to serve these in plastic skulls. Blackberries work really well as a fruit to go on top of the acai as they look sinister and creepy as well as delicious.

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source link Slimly Guacamole V, NF, SF, P

Follow my guacamole recipe which is listed in my Collard Enchiladas recipe.


3b82175f55f369f2ac943b6e04f19c30 Spider Falafel V, NF, SF, P

Follow my Spinach Falafel recipe, once they are made use a red pepper or cucumber slices to press gentle into the falafel to make the 8 legs. This dish is also great with my Carrot Hummus.



new anime dating games Witches Fingers and Pumpkin Soup V, NF, SF

Follow my Pumpkin Soup recipe. Then for the witches fingers follow my Chia Seed Bread recipe, on this occasional adding 1 ½ tsp spirulina and only using a ½ tsp of salt from the recipe rather than up to 1tsp. Then instead of shaping into loaves you will shape into 10 fingers. Use a knife to make grooves into the middle of the finger to create knuckles and then using a few slices of red pepper to place on the end of the bread fingers to look like finger nails. Bake on a sheet on a tray for 20 minutes at 150 (300F) and 5-10 minutes at 170 (330F).




För Viagra 50 mg ingen recept Spiders Web Chocolate Caramel Pie

Use a skewer to make the imprint of a spiders web onto my Paleo Chocolate Caramel Pie. Then buy or cut out a paper shaped spider, hopefully you do a better job of this than my ant looking spider. 



source link Ghostly Macaroons

Follow my Vegan or Dairy-free Macaroon recipe and instead of shaping into domes shape, use 2 tbs to shape into taller ghost shape domes. Then use some melted chocolate, my Chocolate Sauce or chocolate chips to make the eyes and open mouth of a ghost. Halloween

http://sundekantiner.dk/bioret/744 Chocolate Bats

Follow my Chocolate Crunch Log or my Paleo no-bake Cookie recipe and use a bat cookie cutter to shape them before putting in the fridge.


Have a great gnarly gruely scary creepy wonderful Halloween…

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