All my recipes are free from Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Corn, Cashews, Almonds, and are Low FODMAP and Low Alkali. Look for the code next to each recipe to find out if it is also Vegan (V), Nut Free (NF), Raw (R), Paleo (P). For sweetness all my recipes use either coconut sugar or brown rice syrup, the recipes with (SF) are refined sugar free using brown rice syrup.

Porridge Muesli V, NF, SF
Granola V, SF (option to make NF)
Buckwheat Orange Coconut Granola V, NF, SF
Fluffy Pancakes NF, SF
Chia Seed Breakie Pots SF, V (option to make NF and P )
Vegan Pancakes V, NF, SF
Pain Au Chocolate V, NF, SF
Orange Coconut Chia Juice V, NF, SF, P
Baked Oatmeal Loaf V, NF, SF
Green Smoothie V, NF, SF, P
Power up your morning breakfast V, SF, (option to make NF)
Bircher Muesli V, SF, (option to make NF)
Morning Cinnamon Buns V,NF
Green Acai Bowl V, NF, SF, P
Paleo Porridge V, NF, SF, P
Taro Porridge V, NF, SF, P
Buckwheat Carrot Porridge V, NF, SF
Soaked Muesli V, SF, (option to make NF)
Berry Tahini Quinoa V, NF, SF
Spiced Amaranth Porridge V, NF, SF
Low sugar and oil-free Granola V, NF, SF
Chia Berry Maca Breakfast Pot V, NF, SF
Power Protein Pancake SF, (can be NF)


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