About me

So a bit about me – Jess Turner. Baking and creating recipes has been a huge part of my life. Dinner parties, brunches, trying out new restaurants, even making all the deserts for my wedding, creating a dessert table with all the best most delicious things.

My love of food and all things sweet hasn’t changed but after two bad bouts of gastroenteritis (the second being on my honeymoon) 24 years of ordering whatever my taste buds fancied was over. I never recovered from the gastroenteritis/parasite, and was in and out of A&E and doctors appointments trying to work out what was wrong. I had the full spectrum of tests: endoscopy, colonoscopy, MIR, ultrasounds, hydrogen tests, and I was prescribed many different drugs.

It took 5 months of tests to be diagnosed with post-infectious IBS-D. Although I was relieved not to have any of the life-threatening conditions that they were testing for, I was still left with a medical diagnosis that the doctors didn’t know how to cure.

So my journey began, how to live with IBS and how to still keep all the food things I love in my life. Any digestive disorder like IBS or food intolerances, can have a devastating affect on your life, limiting what you can do, where you can go and how you feel about yourself. I have struggled to find a way to cope with IBS.

It has been an emotional, painful and exhausting process. After trying conventional medicine and having many doctors’ appointments achieving no reduction in my symptoms, I turned to researching natural approaches to adapt my diet. It has now been 3 years and on most days I’m managing my IBS but I still haven’t got it completely under control. The most important thing to me  is that I am keeping my life full of delicious things. If you want more of my tips on managing IBS click here.

Changing the way you eat and think about food has changed my life, allowing me to take control over my disorder. It is an overwhelming and long process, but now I have now an even healthier way of eating than before. It has been this journey that inspired me to write this blog to share my experiences and my delicious recipes that have come out of it. I also hope to inspire people towards healthier eating, finding easier and delicious ways to eat healthily.

Other than writing this blog, I am also a teacher having graduated with a Law degree from Manchester University,  I decided to become a teacher after joining a scheme in the UK called Teach First. I am now having a pause from teaching so I can focus on my recipes and health, which is what has enabled me to make this blog a reality. So here it is….

If you want to contact me, my email is cravinggoodness@hotmail.com.